In & Out Doggie Door Ramps for Senior or Small Dogs - Set of 2 for $50 (Lompoc)

Dog ramps give your aging senior dog more mobility to go out on the patio or in the yard on their own in their later years, especially if they have joint pain and arthritis. Let's them get sun or shelter when they want it.

When we wanted our aging Jack Russel Terrier mix to have more autonomy as he got older, we set up a bed and water in the garage for the daytime hours, while we were at work. And we installed a doggie door to the side entrance. But the bottom of the doggie door cannot be installed too low; or the door strength integrity is compromised. There has to be about 3 inches of door remaining under the doggie door - adding the threshold height makes it closer to 4 inches from the floor. That makes the bottom edge of the doggie door too high for any senior dog with arthritis or for any small dog's legs. It may be too difficult for any size senior dog to lift their legs up to get through.

It was definitely too high for our aging dog's short legs to conquer. So we built these ramps and it was perfect for the job.

Each ramp is made from 3/4 inch smooth plywood. Assembled using no-rust deck screws. Completely sealed with Thompson's Water Seal. And surfaced with high quality traction tape: 3M Safety-Walk Slip Resistance Tread Tape, which is made for indoor & outdoor use. Finally, the two ramp side edges have adhesive 3ft of Rubite pipe insulation clipped on to each side - so if your dog wanders to the edge and stumbles off he won't scrape his leg and open a wound on the edge of the plywood.

In my indoor pictures, you can see on the inside ramp if he stumbled off the ramp sides, he could become wedged in the tight space next to the ramp. So I blocked out the edges with boxes so he would not slide off and become stuck in a small space between the ramp and other constraints. Nowhere for him to go but down the ramp, properly and safely. The outside ramp was in a more wide open space; so that wasn't a problem there.

In one picture you can see our little black & white terrier next to the outdoor ramp enjoying the afternoon sun.
He loved his ramps and doggie door. Your dog will enjoy this enhancement to their senior years also. Our little guy could still relieve himself outside and enjoy the sun. And then he could come inside when he wants if the wind is too cold, or he just wants his nice warm bed or a drink of water. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. So the ramps are for sale.

The raw material cost to make these two ramps totaled $180 - or $90 each.
The most expensive material was the 3M traction tape. It took 3 rolls of tape for the two ramps for $75 of the cost.
12ft of Rubite pipe insulation used for two ramps at $2.75/ft was $33 of the cost.

I am selling this pair of ramps as a set for $50 for both. That's just $25 each.

You just install your doggie door so the bottom edge will be at the top lip of the ramps - plus or minus an inch.
Ramps are made for a standard 3ft wide door.
The length of both ramps is 36 inches long - which give the ramps a mild slope for the dog to climb. The Outdoor ramp is wider at 34 inches. They approach the ramp at wider angles outdoors so I wanted more ramp to accommodate him. Indoor ramp is 26 inches wide. Use empty boxes on the sides of the indoor ramp (like mine), to keep him guided up & down the ramp and not fall off the sides.
Dimensions: outdoor ramp = 34"wide x 36" long. Indoor ramp = 26" wide x 36" long.

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