Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump - $120


condition: excellent

I Have a Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump that I used for a few months and no longer use. This Doser is in Excellent condition. I'm asking $120 for it. Here is a link and Brief Description on Doser:


The Bubble Magus BM-T01 is an accurate micro-computer controlled, three-channel dosing pump. Can be used to automatically dose 2-part calcium/alkalinity additives, trace elements, magnesium, strontium, kalkwasser, or just about any liquid additive for your aquarium.

The dosing pump provides 3 dosing channels and can be extended to 7 or 11 channels with the BM-T02 Dosing Pump Extension. It also features automatic time-sharing between channels so different liquids will not be added to the aquarium at the same time to prevent chemical interference. A microchip with built-in storage memory will save your setting in case of a power outage. The BM-T01 dosing pump also features high-quality medical-grade rubber hose with an average service life of 10,000 hours and high-torque motors that are quiet and durable. The pump shell is made with automotive instrument-level high-strength self-lubricating plastic POM. The control panel is water-proof with a back-lit LCD display. The programming is simple, clear and intuitive using "man-machine dialogue" operational control.

Size: 23.5 x 16 x7cm
Flow:1 - 1999ML
Cycle: Max :24 cycle per day
Accuary: +- 5%
Dosing Channels: 3 (expandable to 7 or 11 with BM-T02)
Voltage: AC100-120V 50/60Hz 0.36A DC12V 1A

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