Neptune Systems ATO Kit & Extra OPTICAL LEVEL SENSOR - $185


condition: new
make / manufacturer: Neptune ATO

I have a Neptune Systems Automatic Top Off ATO Kit with a Extra OS-1 OPTICAL LEVEL SENSOR. This is Brand NEW, Never Used ATO and Optical Level Sensor. The ATO goes for 200 plus tax and the level sensor goes for $25 plus tax, so I'm asking $185 for both. You can use the extra sensor for you ATO container to let you know when your refill water container is low. Here are links for both items and Brief Description:


Safety Made Simple
The ATK (Automatic Top-off Kit) is a simple, standalone, and complete solution for replacing water lost to evaporation.

The new aquarium hobbyist has many challenges, but none is more annoying than the chore of adding water, every day, to make up for that lost to evaporation (a.k.a. topping off/up). This alone usually makes the automatic top-off (ATO) device the first piece of automation equipment purchased.

The ironic flip side of this decision is that a faulty ATO device is one of the leading reasons for catastrophic aquarium failure, or even worse, flooding of the house.

Neptune Systems designed the ATK – Automatic Top-Off Kit to not only be super-simple to install and use, but it is the only ATO device on the market with three layers of redundant monitoring and water-level control. It does the work for you, while at the same time protecting your tank and your home.

Plug and play ready. No mounts to assemble. No bare wires to attach.
3 Levels of Safety Protection!
Two optical water-level sensors (one for water level and one for emergency back up)
IQ-Fill water run-time intelligence – learns how much water you use at each top-off
Mechanical float valve prevents water overrun if electronics should ever fail
Does NOT rely on ANY fault-prone mechanical float switches, temperature sensors, or capacitive sensors!
Works Standalone (NO APEX NECESSARY!)
Advanced features are unlocked when connected to an Apex (i.e. remote failure notification via text, email, or iOS alert)
Includes PMUP, a powerful 24VDC pump that can push water vertically up to 14`
Audible failure alarm
Additional features with optional accessories
Three Levels of Safety Prevent Overuns
Backup Optical Sensor: Should the main water level sensor fail, this second optical sensor is the backup. If water continues past the primary sensor, and then covers this one, the pump will be shut off and an alarm will sound.
IQ-Fill – Water run-time intelligence: If both the primary water sensor AND the backup optical sensor fail, the algorithm used in the ATK will not add more than double the learned water amount. It will shut itself off and sound an alarm.
Physical float valve – the final backstop: If for some reason all the electronic fail-safes do not work, and water is continuing to be sent to the aquarium, the mechanical float valve is the safety device that will stop the water and prevent death to your aquarium and water on your floor.
Whats in the Box?
FMM – Fluid Monitoring Module (runs standalone)
Pre-assembled water level mechanism with:
Magnetic acrylic mount (works up to 1/4" glass/acrylic)
Two (2) optical water level sensors
Float valve
90 degree tubing fitting
24V 36W power supply
4m of orange RO tubing
3/8" -> 1/4" push-fit adapter fitting
1/4" -> 1/4" push-fit siphon break
Set-screw for non-float-valve applications


This sensor plugs into the Neptune Systems Apex FMM (Flow Monitoring Module) and, using reflected infrared light, will signal your Apex when it changes state from being wet to dry or dry to wet. This sensor can be used for constructing your own ATO (auto-top-off), as a high-level warning sensor in your sump, water storage level sensor, and much more. The sensors can be mounted into custom brackets or through a hole in a vessel. Included are a fastening nut and silicone washer. These sensors are sold individually.

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